Monday, 20 September 2010

Article Writing

What a great way to have your voice heard.  I love writing articles, especially those on subjects close to the heart.  I have found some of my best writing has come from things I hold a strong opinion of.  Beware though, writing on subjects that have affected your life whether it be good or bad can be a trap for sceptism, critic and wrongful judgement if your not careful. 
In November 2009 I was so suprised and elated to find I had placed second in the FAWQ Article Writing competition.  I submitted an article titled 'For whose rights?'  This article looked at the pros and cons of who had the ultimate rights in contact through the processes of adoption in Australia.  I will post this article soon for you all to read; look at the structure used, avoiding to much of my own opinion to speak out too loud, instead posing a point of view for all to make thier own opinions on instead.

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