Sunday, 26 December 2010

Breathe by Tim Winton

I have to make it known that I have fallen in love with Tim Winton's writing.  My introduction to his world of writing was 'Cloudstreet,' were I found myself lost in the lives of the Pickles and  Lambs.  His wit in charactisation is just out of this world; or more accuractly so much within this world.
Having just read 'Breathe,' I once again was absorbed in the lives of Pikelet, Sando, Loonie and Eva. 
I have become a Tim Winton follower if you may; now having brought his compilation of short stories 'The Turning.'  Don't we wish we too could be so talented in crafting stories so close to home; so realistic and fulfilling that you just wish the story will never end?  Here's the beginning to my short story writing I think.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Back on track

Yes, I am back on track.  I have to admit I did fall off the wagon for a short time there, and probably due to that terrible first rejection thing, but hey, we all must move on and persist after all we are writers.
I have to confess I didn't even scratch the surface towards the NaNoWriMo.  Foolishly I thought I could whip up some 50,000 words out of nowhere, and you guessed it I couldn't, or for a better reason I just didn't get motivated to do so.  Bad timing is my excuse and I am going to stick to that.  Anyway, I am now going to pursue my writing projects and complete some of the anthologies I am keen on submitting.

Over Sixty-Shades of Gray: A Journey Through Life's Later Years

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