Monday, 17 January 2011

Project list

I have started the year off as I intended.  Although I am quite happy in having sent my first submisssion for the year off, I am not too sure what will come of it.  Unfortunately the timing of my submission couldn't have been any worse, as my submission was to the Capital City of Brisbane, and as we are all very aware, the devastating blow and affects that part of our wonderful country have just endured could put an indefinite holt on this planned anthology.  
I send my heart-felt sympathy to all those affected in Queensland and hope as a nation everyone will get passed the heartache they are experiencing.  As a Victorian and seen the recent flood waters hit parts of our own state (including local regions), the sight of flood waters certainly brought with it the reality that those in Queensland experienced ten fold.
                                                         HERE'S TO BRIGHTER DAYS!            

Over Sixty-Shades of Gray: A Journey Through Life's Later Years

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