Monday, 8 August 2011

Recipe showdown

No, it's not Australia's Masterchef - in fact it's just me, your everyday home cook who couldn't by the way cook without a recipe.  How do they do it?  I can cook the same dish a thousand times and still need to refer to my recipe? Isn't that what we all do - or do I have early signs of dementia? 
So anyway, I have been bogged down helping with the production of my daughter's Kindergarten cookbook for their reunion taking place this weekend.  It has been a long and tireless exercise typing out 100s of recipes, but it has finally been completed and I have to say I am anxiously awaiting to see the first copy when it comes off the press.  When this new cookbook hits the streets, I am sure it will become my one stop cooking spot for a while at least; I have to admit there where some really impressive dishes included.
My writing skills have none the less suffered as a consepuence to our town's pending culinary delights almost at hand.  However, 'I'll be back!' as Arnold Schwartzeneger said.

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