Thursday, 8 September 2011

NEW Opportunity for writers to become Authors!

I came across a fantastic little treasure for all of us want-to-be authors.  Dymocks book stores are about to embark on a new venture which may help all those who have wanted to have their work published but not yet found that opportunity.  Starting October 2011, you will be able to upload your manuscripts and have them published.  It sounds too easy, yes, I agree; and it sounds a bit like self-publishing, but I think it will be worth pursuing further non-the-less.  I will certainly be investigating this avenue.  Good Luck!  Read on for the real deal, or connect to link.
Calling on Booklovers with Stories to Tell. Dymocks announces launch of end to end D Publishing service to support Australian book industry
Dymocks, Australia's largest bookseller, has announced the upcoming launch of D Publishing, a new web-based book publishing service, that aims to support all Australians with stories to tell.
D Publishing will be available from October to provide Australians with a complete, end to end publishing service; and will enable authors to take control of the professional creation, publishing and distribution of both printed books and eBooks, without the need for previous experience or expertise in the area.
Dymocks Chief Executive Officer, Don Grover says the new publishing service, allowing Australian writers and authors to create and publish books, is a logical extension for the business.
"We believe that D Publishing has the potential to significantly support and grow the book industry in Australia by providing more opportunities for Australian authors to create, publish, and sell their books," said Mr Grover.
"Unlike the traditional publishing model this service is driven by the author. If you are thinking about publishing your first, or one of many books, you should think of D Publishing.
"D Publishing will be an opportunity for all budding Australian authors to see their works in published form and available for purchase online, while a selection of titles may also be available in Dymocks stores across Australia.
"The launch of this service also allows us to give something back to our loyal community of Booklovers - offering them the opportunity to either publish their own works, or to contribute and offer feedback to other budding author's books.
"Dymocks is committed to being at the forefront of the book industry and as such, we're consistently looking for opportunities to support Australian authors, as well as areas where we can grow the local book industry. We're listening to our customers, adapting to this changing environment and investing in innovation," continued Mr Grover.
From October 2011, budding authors and publishers can upload their draft manuscript to the service and proceed to produce and publish their book with D Publishing.
"We're excited to offer this new publishing service to all Australians. From creating and printing a family history for their personal use, or writing, publishing, and selling the next great novel, we're here to support all Australian authors," concluded Mr Grover.

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