Friday, 11 November 2011

Call for an Australian Publisher!

I am calling for an Australian Publisher to get behind my non-fiction manuscript and help get it out there.  I have had some very positive feedback from publishers whom I have submitted to, yet my manuscript has not met their current publishing schedule.  If any one knows a publisher who might be interested in looking at this further, please send them my contact details or forward their details to me. 
As part of the National Adoption Awareness Week, there is no better time for someone to take this on board. The need for a book like this is screaming out within the adoption community and also departments and agencies who work in this area every day.  As a volunteer of NAAW, I have had so many referrals to help people look for more accurate information as well as contacts to enable them to persue options available to have a family of their own.   My manuscript 'Adoption Down Under,' a practical guide, is an informative guide helping people understand the processes of adoption, relinqhuisment and search.  For more information please contact me, or leave your details and I will get back to you.  Thanks in anticipation.  Regards Meredith

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