Friday, 6 July 2012


Yes, it's been a long ambition of mine as it would for many other writers to finally get their work out into the big wide world of the reader. For those who have followed writer's-fix, along perhaps with my other blog adoption down under, you will know how close this subject is to my heart and life journey. 

For many years now I have been working tirelessly to complete my manuscript on local adoption matters, and more so to have a publisher accept it.  With such positive feedback from all the publishers I have presented this manuscript to, I truly believe it will now finally serve its intended purpose and audience.

With the age of Ebooks now on our door step, it seems only sensible to follow my publishing path down this growing corridor to self-publication. 

While my book Adoption Down Under is currently available through PDF, I hope to also make it available for all e-devices in the near future, where it will hit the big screens on Amazon and alike.   

I have to say though; seeing my book finally ready and available through e-format has only made me more ambitious to also self-publish in hard copy.  But patience is the virtue and only time will tell whether Adoption Down Under will in fact reach those I have hoped it would.

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