Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Almost, is enough!

Well, would it really surprise you if I were to admit I didn't quite make the mark with my word count for NaNoWritMo 2012?  'No!' Did I hear you say?  Umff!  Perhaps I didn't make the 50,000 words as a collective story, however I did - without making excuses - achieve 12,000 words across several peices of work which now have become my stepping stones for submissions to a number of anthologies and competitions for 2013...so not all was entirely lost, was it now? in fact I believe NaNoWritMo has been a very inspirational mechanism in getting the keystokes hammering, the grey matter thinking and the ability to pull together some writing that has been an ambition for some time now.
Time now to polish and submit without too much procrastination. 

Over Sixty-Shades of Gray: A Journey Through Life's Later Years

Here is one of the latest titles I've recently had the pleasure to review, I enjoyed this read and highly recommend it to anyone 50+ ...