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Writing like a Pro

My title is a little tongue in cheek as one might say.  I have been vigilantly working on one of my many topics for a memior over the past four months, writing, re-writing, editing, cutting, pasting and then re-writing...and so I am so close to finally finishing this piece that I now have 24 hours before the closing date.
What did I do?  Did I make the deadline? Did I submit on time? Did I make the word count, which by the way was an amazing 4000 words max. 
I'm happy to tell you I in fact did make the deadline; after having stayed up unitl 2.00am to ensure it was completed, redrafted and posted on-line the morning of closing.
What then? did I hear you ask?  Well, yes like all professional writers I have edited and re-edited, I read through my work over and over, but at 2.00am I guess my eyes were getting a little fuzzy.
I submitted my work with confidence, a sense of great accomplishment, this was my first deadline for the 2013 and I wrote 3,886 words, I 've made it. Yeah!