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Building Creative Minds

Imagination! Isn't it a wonderful thing.  If only us adults could harvest our memories and keep our playful imaginations alive as though we were reliving each moment in time all over again, how marvelous would that be.   Instead we are left questioning 'Did it happen that way, I just can't remember?' And lets be honest, our imaginations can't compete with that of a child whose innocence and learning of the world around them is always developing.  For us adults, unfortunately the realities of life take place of our imaginations and drive the way we think, speak and act; but for a child their imaginations are bold, thrilling and undiscovered. If only we knew what we know now, maybe we would have allowed our playful colourful imaginations to make a lasting mark on this world of ours. Well, while we're on the subject of imaginations, let me tell you about my latest discovery - 100 Story Building.  In Melbourne's inner west keen young kids are being given an op…