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Great tips & advice - The Humble Hyphen

As writers we're always looking for advice right?  The Australian writers centre – is great resource for keeping in touch with what courses are available to help with your writing skills, along with heaps of writing tips and advice.
The latest tip offered was about thehumble hyphen and how it can play a crucial role in your writing, if you understand how to use it properly. The problem is many writers don’t know how to use them, so here are a few tips offered by the writer's centre to help you on your way.
You use a hyphenwhen two or more words are joined to form an adjective that appearsbefore a noun or pronoun. For example:

She has athree-year-oldson.
This is awell-writtenbook.

If the adjective comesafter the noun or pronoun it’s describing, you don’t use the hyphen. So:

Her son isthree years old.
This book iswell written.

You also use a hyphen if you’readding a prefix to another word, such asre-enrol,neo-Gothic orex-girlfriend.

Some style guides suggest a restrained approach to th…