Friday, 4 April 2014

Writer-in -residence

noun: writer-in-residence; plural noun: writers-in-residence
  1. 1.
    a writer holding a temporary residential post in an academic establishment, in order to share their professional insights.
Just blogging this as I was a bit confused with what a writer-in-residence's role actually was. 
Is the writer-in-residence the writer or the mentor?
I was under the assumption a writer-in-residence was someone who spent time at some luxury hide-away working on their own latest novel or sought after biography or anything that what would amount to a new publishable piece.
What I've learned is that a writer-in-residence possibly shares their views, thoughts and experience for another writer, providing their perspective on writing at such venues as Literary Festivals, where they obtain selected pieces from other writer's work and offer editing and sharpening of plot and structure.
I still remain a bit confused with the whole writer-in-residence thing; I still have alot to learn.

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