What I'm reading!

June 2018
Among the various books I'm continually reviewing, I still try to squeeze some reading of authors and titles I see recommended on Instagram, or advertised in book store catalogs or while browsing the bookshelves of bookstores I just can't stay away from.  The two latest books I recently came across on Instagram struck a chord with me. Both being YA novels I quite often find this genre very engaging,very true to how young people live their lives.  This also brought my attention to the novel All the bright places.  There is a close similarity to the plot of these books which I believe caught my attention for that very reason.


May 2018

With the return of Joan Lindsay's 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' I just couldn't resist picking up a copy.

May 2016

Well, while I'm still reading this wonderful book, I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying it. It breathes life into a time where I think we all need to stop and take stock of our lives, and to look at the direction we're heading in our relationships, our careers and the goals and ambitions we have put off for too long or not even contemplated yet. That's what this book is so good at teaching; teaching us to just stop for a moment and perhaps follow those dreams new or old, to fulfill our lives with necessary change and stuff the consequences, what is meant to be, is meant to be.

NEW BOOK TITLE - Our Own Little Fictions

Hi bloggers, well as you all should know by now I have an unrelenting addiction for memoir, so I have ceased the opportunity to showcase Ro...