Saturday, 23 October 2010

Small things!

Yes, small things, but none the less they are things that excite me.  While browsing the book shops, I came across the newest edition of The Australian Writer's Marketplace 2011/2012, and of course could not leave without purchasing a copy. 

This book becomes my bloodline for writing, where I meticulously scan every page for any opportunities to spread my wings as a writer.  This is my writers Bible, yet to stay faithful I need to stay focused and ensure I meet the demands I set myself.  With every new year comes new opportunity - well lets hope.  And it goes without saying that no - I didn't only purchase the one book but four.  I am now the proud owner of The Fry Chronicles, a book I had no intention of ever reading, I came to say goodbye - and can't wait to start reading, and The Country show cookbook - for a bit of cooking in my spare time.  I am a very keen cook and have a love for country and shows.  Not that so far back I have a history for cooking and shows; more accurately Cake Decorating.  I once spent painstaking hours upon hours creating pieces of art with my cakes, something I still have a passion for and a burning desire to undertake once again; however I would first need to find a renewed level of patience and time in order to do so. Who knows what the new year might bring?

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  1. Well! You are certainly going to be very busy reading over the next few weeks. I hope that you had a fantastic birthday on the 22nd my thoughts were with you..We will talk soon.
    Hugs Trace


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