Meredith Grant

Meredith Grant
Meredith Grant is an emerging Regional Victorian writer. She has been shortlisted for the Trudy Graham-Julie Lewis Lit. Awards for Prose, runner-up for the FAW Qld. Soapbox Article competition and most recently been awarded runner-up in the Writers Victoria Regional Members Writing Competition. She has also contributed to on-line Journals and had articles and personal memoirs published on-line. She studied Professional Writing and Editing at Ballarat University and has a strong focus on writing non-fiction. Her goal is to become a freelance writer where her contributions will cover her experience and knowledge on topics that sit close to her heart, including Australia's homeless epidemic, teenage depression and Australian adoption matters. She is currently working on her full length memoir she hopes to have published, until then her short memoir works are being submitted to various opportunities and competitions which she hopes will help raise her writing profile.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Writing the Story of Your Life

   As a member of Writers Victoria, I am always lucky to get the very latest news of any up-coming courses and competitions that may stir my creative juices in writing.  My latest ambition is to nail 'Writing the story of my life,' and it just so happens to be the title of Carmel Bird's ultimate guide to writing memoir successfully. 
   I have always had a preference to write non-fiction, usually in the form of opinion pieces or essay. So when I tell you Carmel's book is no coincidence sitting within my bookshelf, otherwise gathering dust,when I recognise her name as one of the inspiring mentors listed in Writers Victoria's workshops being offered for season two, you will understand the elation I felt when I finally made a conscious decision to embark on a new adventure of writing, the adventure of writing my memoir.
  As you would imagine I have taken my copy of Carmel's book out from the chaotic filled shelves lining my office wall so that it is given new life; new life to a memoir; my memoir.

  So over the next however long it will take me (notice the non-commitment to time) I will endeavour to complete the exercise's Carmel sets out throughout her book in order to help build my confidence in telling my story, the narrative of my life. 

I'm going to use this blog as my forum to address these exercises, firstly topics 'For the memory journal.'  The backbone to memoir writing.  One topic a day, and there are 60 topics, so this will take a few months to complete.  I invite you to read my writing, this is an exercise that encourages writing freely; perhaps you might want to join me, or just read my narrative, perhaps you might like comment (constructively of course). 

 My entries will be listed as "Dear Carmel,' as though I'm writing to her, telling her my story; it all makes sense - doesn't it?  Here goes, ENJOY my venture, as I hope I will.  Day one starts today!



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