Saturday, 13 November 2010

First Rejection!

Yes, I am dissappointed to say that my manuscript has returned following an enduring 5 months of waiting to hear a verdict. 
I have to add that although the manuscript was eventually turned down, the publisher did find merit in the concept and did intitially show interest, asking for additional information in supporting the marketing of the book. 
Unfortunately, for me of course, the publisher needed to tap into a concept which would have a larger audience.
So all is not lost; my idea is still sound, I just need to grab the right publisher which can afford to take on a concept that perhaps doesn't target the largest of audiences.  In my opinion I believe my concept would address enough interest to warrent publishing.  Now my job is to seek and send once again.


  1. This is me (:{) giving you a big hug...I'm sure that the right publisher is not too far off in the near future.

  2. Sorry for taking so long (my daughter has been ill) but I just wish to welcome you to our writer's blog. I love your blog and I find your project list particularly interesting, something I might copy. I think it might be a great focus for discussion. I'm also looking forward to reading your short stories (although I've been pretty slack re-posting mine after I revamped my blog). Your photo looks very familiar like I've meet you before. Have you ever lived in Queensland?

  3. Hi Skye,
    Great to hear from you, Hope your daughter is okay. I have been otherwise engaged with many things lately, sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. I have only ever holidayed in Queensland; I think I have one of those faces,as I get alot of people asking me do I have a sister or did I live elsewhere. My project list came as an idea to keep on track, but I'm not sure if it si working as I planned. Perhaps you might have better luck? My real love in writing is non-fiction,but I am hoping to broaden my skills in the fictin genre, so my short stories might be a bit ordinary to start with-who knows?

  4. I've decided that instead of new year resolutions, I'm going to write a project list and try to work my way through it in 2011. I'm going to put the list on my blog so I'm always reminded of my gaols. Here's to a year of good writing.


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