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Madeleine McCann Campaign

I have finished reading the heart wrenching story written by Kate McCann, the mother of Madeleine McCann whom we all should know went missing while holidaying with her family in Praia da Luz in 2007.  I so desperately would love to help in some way, and this is the best way I know - to help keep everyones concious open in hope she one day soon will be recognised and reunited with her family.  Please get on board and help find Madeleine.    
 Age progression images of Madeleine today.

D Publishing by Dymocks

 As I previously mentioned Dymocks will be offerring end to end publishing services enabling authors to take control of their own book creation, publishing and distribution.  Originally it was anticipated this would be available from October this year; this date has been extended until the end of 2011.  For anyone interested 'like' the dymocks site on facebook or twitter to be kept updated.  I for one are hanging out for this to come about so I can finally make something of my manuscript which is still awaiting a publisher to be brave enough to give it a chance.

Call for an Australian Publisher!

I am calling for an Australian Publisher to get behind my non-fiction manuscript and help get it out there.  I have had some very positive feedback from publishers whom I have submitted to, yet my manuscript has not met their current publishing schedule.  If any one knows a publisher who might be interested in looking at this further, please send them my contact details or forward their details to me. 
As part of the National Adoption Awareness Week, there is no better time for someone to take this on board. The need for a book like this is screaming out within the adoption community and also departments and agencies who work in this area every day.  As a volunteer of NAAW, I have had so many referrals to help people look for more accurate information as well as contacts to enable them to persue options available to have a family of their own.   My manuscript 'Adoption Down Under,' a practical guide, is an informative guide helping people understand the processes of adoption,…

NEW Opportunity for writers to become Authors!

I came across a fantastic little treasure for all of us want-to-be authors.  Dymocks book stores are about to embark on a new venture which may help all those who have wanted to have their work published but not yet found that opportunity.  Starting October 2011, you will be able to upload your manuscripts and have them published.  It sounds too easy, yes, I agree; and it sounds a bit like self-publishing, but I think it will be worth pursuing further non-the-less.  I will certainly be investigating this avenue.  Good Luck!  Read on for the real deal, or connect to link.
Calling on Booklovers with Stories to Tell. Dymocks announces launch of end to end D Publishing service to support Australian book industry
Dymocks, Australia's largest bookseller, has announced the upcoming launch of D Publishing, a new web-based book publishing service, that aims to support all Australians with stories to tell.
D Publishing will be available from October to provide Australians with a complete, e…

Recipe showdown

No, it's not Australia's Masterchef - in fact it's just me, your everyday home cook who couldn't by the way cook without a recipe.  How do they do it?  I can cook the same dish a thousand times and still need to refer to my recipe? Isn't that what we all do - or do I have early signs of dementia? 
So anyway, I have been bogged down helping with the production of my daughter's Kindergarten cookbook for their reunion taking place this weekend.  It has been a long and tireless exercise typing out 100s of recipes, but it has finally been completed and I have to say I am anxiously awaiting to see the first copy when it comes off the press.  When this new cookbook hits the streets, I am sure it will become my one stop cooking spot for a while at least; I have to admit there where some really impressive dishes included.
My writing skills have none the less suffered as a consepuence to our town's pending culinary delights almost at hand.  However, 'I'…

Life On The Train

Here is a little something that touched me after a week of sad and unexpected losses within our family

Ever Considered Self-Publishing?

I have to admit, I have had my reservations about self publishing in the past.  I am one for mainstream publishing and still are; however, I am starting to realise that if you have a book concept you are certain has a place out in the big wide world of book sales and cannot crack it in getting published, then perhaps all is not lost, and all is not about spending lots of $$$ to make it happen. My second rejection through the last publisher I sent my manuscript to provided some very positive feedback and as such I don't like saying it was rejected.  My manuscript atleast made it to their publishing meeting and then was dileberated over (which must mean it holds some potential)?  All is not lost and there will be no giving up, so if it doesn't make it through mainstream publishing then Publish-Me might be the answer.  Check it out!

Quote Of the Week

" Listen to everything everyone says about your work, then ignore 80% of it."
Okay, do I really believe this?  Umm...

Children's books on centre stage

Came across an article about this year's Ballarat Writers and Illustrators Festival 2011.  With a focus on writer's, illustrators and publishers for children's and YA books, the festival will showcase the theme of Words and Pictures. It is said that "Illustrator's, picture book writers, poets and writers of books for older children and YA's will find plenty to be excited about."  As for aspiring writers and illustrators, there will be plenty for you too - especially being introduced to how the industry works and what publishers and editors are looking for.

Get your pens and imaginations warmed up, because festival attendees are invited to submit the first page of their unpublished work for critique by representatives of three publishers of children and YA books.
For more Info. visit, or click on post title.


The journalistic side of me has been screaming out lately for some attention, and attention I am happy to give.

I have been trying to find myself in fiction writing but just not quite getting there to say the least.  No, I can confidently say that perhaps non-fiction is my forte, well lets hope it is or all might be lost?  Any who, (sorry just had to say that, quite a funny expression don't you think)?  Any who, I am going to try my hand at some book reviewing and can't wait to get my teeth stuck into some of the more recent reads by sharing my thoughts.  Although I have a dedicated page here on my blog for book reviews, I will need to assert myself in submitting more detailed insights - something I don't think I should have to much trouble in achieving.
Now with the school holidays closing to a rapid end, I WILL find more time to dedicate towards my love of writing and free expression.  Maybe I will even find my voice for some much needed and anticipated creative non-fict…

Manuscript Submission

For those not cotia with my manuscript movements, I have finally got my manuscript out into the big wide world of publishers; or should I say publisher.  Yes, I have decided to take the safe bet that multiple submissions may not be the best idea for my manuscript.  So what is my game plan?  Well, as the expert manuscript submitter I am NOT,(not yet anyway), I have read that sometimes publishers may see it as a waste of their time knowing the manuscript is being considered by another publisher.  So I will hit my list of publishers one by one ( assuming the first does not accept my submission - which just for the record I truly hope they do).
Just to let you all in on a small secret though; I am not a patient person! Ahah, I hear you all, patience is a virtue - at least eight to twelve weeks of it.  Fingers and toes crossed.

Writing endeavours

Well I am underway with the start of my fiction writing.  But where is my faith?  I read a few completed paragraphs to hubby and he says he likes it - does he or is he just saying that so he can go back to reading his book?  I have tried to show and not tell, but is the quality good enough to send off as a submission to a competition?  I want to take my work to open mic at my writers group, but what if they all think it's crap?  They won't tell me-will they?  No, I think they will just say - thanks Meredith and quickly move on to the next reading which is sure to reinforce the very reason why I am having reservations right now. 
I have even gone to the length of buying the latest editions of some anthology's I aspire to submit to.  This was in hope that I would gain a better appreciation of the style and quality of writing.  I read some stories, in particular the winning entries- there great, no question; can I do better - probably not with a big PROBABLY NOT!  Then I rea…

Project list

I have started the year off as I intended.  Although I am quite happy in having sent my first submisssion for the year off, I am not too sure what will come of it.  Unfortunately the timing of my submission couldn't have been any worse, as my submission was to the Capital City of Brisbane, and as we are all very aware, the devastating blow and affects that part of our wonderful country have just endured could put an indefinite holt on this planned anthology.   I send my heart-felt sympathy to all those affected in Queensland and hope as a nation everyone will get passed the heartache they are experiencing.  As a Victorian and seen the recent flood waters hit parts of our own state (including local regions), the sight of flood waters certainly brought with it the reality that those in Queensland experienced ten fold.                                                          HERE'S TO BRIGHTER DAYS!