Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The journalistic side of me has been screaming out lately for some attention, and attention I am happy to give.

I have been trying to find myself in fiction writing but just not quite getting there to say the least.  No, I can confidently say that perhaps non-fiction is my forte, well lets hope it is or all might be lost?  Any who, (sorry just had to say that, quite a funny expression don't you think)?  Any who, I am going to try my hand at some book reviewing and can't wait to get my teeth stuck into some of the more recent reads by sharing my thoughts.  Although I have a dedicated page here on my blog for book reviews, I will need to assert myself in submitting more detailed insights - something I don't think I should have to much trouble in achieving.
Now with the school holidays closing to a rapid end, I WILL find more time to dedicate towards my love of writing and free expression.  Maybe I will even find my voice for some much needed and anticipated creative non-fiction writing I so, so want to delve into.


  1. Looking forward in seeing what you come up with Mezz...Any who! I love the fabulous make over that you have given your blog.

  2. Hey Mezz! You might want to check out these blogs.


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