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Spiritually aware?

Well it has been a long time between blogs it would seem; fortunately I am still alive and well but somewhat confused with the universe.  Having attended a Spiritual and Wellness Expo recently I found a renewed interest into an old past time of mine - palmistry.  Having watched Sara Gilbert explain how much palmistry plays such a significant role in our lives really stirred and awakened something within me so much so I haven't been able to think of much else since.  That very same week I raced out and had to (okay, not had to - wanted to), buy a book on palmistry so that I could learn this ancient art.  I came across the one and only book available at my local book store, Fells Offical Know-It-All Guide to Palm Reading.  If that wasn't enough encouragement from the universe, then I stambled across a copy of Magic, by Ronda Byrne the same author of the Secret, where her new book helps humankind understand how the use and belief in sincere gratitude can reward our own livesbeyo…