Thursday, 13 September 2012

Keeping up Appearances

While working on my latest piece of writing for the 2012 Soapbox article writing competition, I decided to go to the local library to kill some time before heading to my daughter's class room to help out.  With forward thinking, I went armed with the laptop and notebook in search of some much needed quite thinking time.   
What I didn't anticipate was the weekly toddler's sing-a-long and story time coinciding with the little spare time I have.
As I began banging out my sentences with ideas flowing nicely, my thought process was abruptly interrupted with "mother duck went out one day..'" and "if your happy and you know it clap your hands."  
The library, the very institution I thought I could find some solitude and meaningful quite time to think clearly, is apparently no longer that place; well not on Wednesday's anyway.   Trying to overcome the sudden shrieks and toddler outbursts, along with the ongoing songs which began to remind me of a time spent with my own daughter not so long ago, I found myself reading my work out aloud in an effort to continue with my duty as wordsmith.
As you can well imagine not nearly as much work was produced as I had first anticipated; including the fact that I was now producing work consisting of non-productive repetition.
Damn you mother duck and no I'm not happy and I'm not clapping my hands!  
Resolution: I am now resorting to burning the good old midnight oil to finish my work.  

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