Thursday, 8 November 2012

NaNoWriMo - still on the go!

Ahh! You all thought I had given up didn't you?  Well, surprise contrary to popular belief my writing is coming along nicely.  It makes a huge difference when you can write from the heart.  I have always found it easy to write passionately, especially about those things that make my heart skip a beat, or fills my soul with enthusiasm or anger, sadness or just an emotional reaction of any sort really.  This time I have come up with a unique method to my writing I haven't tried before.  Although it is non-fictional, it is writing as though I am speaking to whom I'm writing to; yes the narrator, but not just narrating as a voice or third person; I think it is creative non-fiction, it's a little like a memoir but told through questions to my subject.  I am really enjoying this and finding it rather therapeutic.  

Monday, 5 November 2012

NaNoWritMo - Day 5

Here we are at day five already, I can see day thirty fast approaching and my word count slipping, but don't worry or get the wrong idea, I am still creating my piece; just with careful deliberation, and waiting for those pesty children to hit the sack so I can actually concentrate. Until tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

NaNoWritMo - Day 4

With a few slight digressions, I have now made a consecutive decision to change my story to something more close to my heart and which will no doubt allow me to more easily achieve the 50,000 word count within the 30 days.  Don't dispare, as Tilly is not forgotten, not have aI killed her off - quite the contrary, she will become my inspiration for a my next submission of a short story someone in the near future.  I will keep you all posted with my progress on this new storyline venture. 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

NaNoWriMo - Oh No! - Day 3

Hmm, you guessed it, day three has arrived and I did the unmistakeable error of telling my husband the plot of my story, and worse still I went on to tell him the progression of the story-line.  Most would wonder why is that such a problem?  Well, let me explain and please don't roll your eyes; first as I am explaining my hard yards of word count he smiles at me; Hello, I can't begin to explain how patronising and off-putting that was.  And so, as a result I spent a restless night going over where I am taking my characters and now wonder if I need to revisit and change their direction? If I do, I'm sure to loose a few hundred words or more, that can't be good at this critical point of building my story and word count - surely?
Wonder if I should start a new story; completely different and not tell anyone the plot?

Friday, 2 November 2012

NaNoWritMo - Day 2 - Tilly comes to life

Already into day two of writing and I'm pleased to announce that I am right on track with my character's developing nicely.  However, I have to declare the genre of my story has already changed from my original idea of a children's book to now more of a focus on YA; something along the same lines of a Terry Pratchett auidence, or John Marsden even.  And in saying this, my main character Tilly just grew up slightly, becoming a teenager of thirteen. 

For those who haven't done so already, I have been doing the sums and worked out if I reach a word count of at least 1667 words a day I will achieve 50,000 words by the end of this challenge; not such a hard task...?

For those interested here is a little excerpt from my first chapter - already completed I might add.

'Tomorrow is pension day; it’s when all the old people have money appear in their bank accounts without having to go to work.  I can’t wait to be a pensioner.  Usually on pension day and even the day after we get really busy, but some of these so called pensioners don’t seem old enough to be a pensioner?  Some look younger than Aunty Helen, so she must be worried that her skin regime is not all what it is cracked up to be.' 
Stay tuned for the next installment! Day three is fast approaching.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

NaNoWritMo 2012 - Day 1

Well as promised here is the beginning of what will become the next best selling childrens adventure novel! With the rain teeming down outside, I have found a quiet and warm nook within my study and are eager to get started.  I feel overwhelmingly optimistic that this venture just might be what I need.

So here is my synopsis:

Every Christmas holidays Tilly helps out her Aunt who is a volunteer at a st vincents de paul op shop, but this year is very different to last; now Tilly's eleven-years-old, she has been given the job as sorter, so she gets first pick at whatever comes through the doors as donations.  When Tilly discovers something odd about a bag of old clothing left at the counter, she asks her aunt if she can take the assortment of rags home to use as costumes.
What Tilly dosn't know is that she has stumbled across no ordinary bag of old clothing, instead she is about to discover some very valuable life changing secrets for the future; some which just might change the path of her life.

Over Sixty-Shades of Gray: A Journey Through Life's Later Years

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