Saturday, 3 November 2012

NaNoWriMo - Oh No! - Day 3

Hmm, you guessed it, day three has arrived and I did the unmistakeable error of telling my husband the plot of my story, and worse still I went on to tell him the progression of the story-line.  Most would wonder why is that such a problem?  Well, let me explain and please don't roll your eyes; first as I am explaining my hard yards of word count he smiles at me; Hello, I can't begin to explain how patronising and off-putting that was.  And so, as a result I spent a restless night going over where I am taking my characters and now wonder if I need to revisit and change their direction? If I do, I'm sure to loose a few hundred words or more, that can't be good at this critical point of building my story and word count - surely?
Wonder if I should start a new story; completely different and not tell anyone the plot?

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  1. Meredith Meredith Meredith...One of our biggest mistakes in life is worrying over our husbands opinions. Playing things over & over again in our minds until we loose sleep, weight and our sanity. Just stick to the original and follow your gut instinct and I mean YOUR gut instinct.


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